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Learning Community

  • A Learning Organization
    Describes the attributes of a learning organization, discusses the value of strategic conversations, identifies skills that individuals need, and suggests how the learning organization may be assessed.
  • Creating a Learning Organization
    Some answers to these basic questions:Can schools be learning organizations?How can staff learning be focused?How is learning driven by data?What changes in the workplace support organizational learning?What is the leader's role?.
  • Developing Teachers' Leadership Skills
    This ERIC digest provides a summary of structures that provide emerging opportunities for leadership, and the personal characteristics and specific skills that assist in developing teacher leaders.
  • Learning Organization
    The National Center for Research on Vocational Education provides design specifications for a learning organization. The premise of this paper is that schools, colleges, and universities tend to be "teaching" institutions.
  • NCATE Standard I: Learning Community
    Standard I focuses on learning and development by all members of a PDS partnership. Teaching and learning are grounded in research and practitioner knowledge, and change is supported through individual practice and improvement.
  • Professional Learning Communities: Communities of Continuous Inquiry and Improvement
    Through a review of the literature, this paper by Dr. Shirley M.
  • The Principal as Chief Learning Officer: The New Work of Formative Leadership
    This article maintains that the principal is the chief learning officer of a school. In this role, it is the responsibility of the principal to ask the right questions, analyze and interpret data, lead the faulty in conversations, create strategies for promoting innovation, optimize the talents of all personnel, promote and encourage change, and create opportunities for team learning.
  • We're all here to learn
    Journal of Staff Development article describing the impact of adult learning on student achievemnet.