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Diversity and Equity

  • Are There Equity Implications in High-Stakes Teacher Testing?
    A keynote address that looks at the issue of ensuring equity and diversity within the teaching profession while maintaining high standards.
  • Looking At Ourselves and Others
    The activities contained in Looking at Ourselves and Others were designed by the Peace Corp to challenge students to become more conscious of the values they share with their families, friends, and communities. The materials also provide students with analytical tools that help combat stereotypical thinking and enhance cross-cultural communication.
  • NCATE Standard IV: Diversity & Equity
    Standard IV focuses on equitable opportunities to learn, policies and practices that support equitable learning outcomes, recruitment of minority and culturally diverse teachers, and the support of diversity within the PDS partnership.
  • Recruiting Talented and Diverse People into the Teaching Profession
    The gap between the diversity of students and the racial and ethnic characteristics of those who teach them is a recruitment issue in public schools today. This paper illustrates some promising practices in recruitment efforts.